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Boards Cloud Updates

Please see here for recent changes to Huddo Boards Cloud




  • Updated translations including notifications



  • Compatibility for private channels in Teams



  • Print feature for Board View
  • Fix for loading ToDo View with deleted groups
  • Fix for 'View' by 'Groups'
  • Fix for description not saving in certain window changing scenarios
  • Fix for character encoding in update streams


  • Fix for viewing user presence
  • Fix for viewing card title when user presence is also displayed
  • Fix for 'Commented on' recent updates not syncing in real-time
  • Fix for displaying changes made in Activity View
  • Updated Recent Boards in side toolbar
  • Fix for auth loop when using Connections Header


  • Fix for card toolbar on smaller resolutions
  • Community widget now works if user has no email
  • Highlights widget fix for opening fullpage
  • Fix for visibility of Owners Only group Boards


  • Fix for readers not being able to complete cards
  • Fix for dependencies in Todos view




  • Fix for Microsoft admin approval


  • Can no longer close a page when editing a description
  • Description locking alert moved for better visibility
  • Authors no longer appear to be able to edit descriptions when unable to
  • Fix for opening links in description
  • Fix for comment truncation issue in rare circumstances
  • Fix for new line @mentions
  • Fix for focused description loss when immediately moving to comments
  • Fix for showing editor toolbar when selecting all using keyboard



  • Updated RTE to latest
  • New Teams welcome message card
  • New Teams notification cards
  • Fix for email attachments not attaching


  • Updated fix for Moderated Community access
  • Fix for crash when updating Board title
  • Fix for description locking in communities


  • Fix for Moderated Community access


  • NEW linked-cards micro-app
  • Fix for comment stream entry for Orient Me
  • Fix for updating card title from Boards view in FireFox
  • Fix for deeplinked Connections Community widgets
  • Fix for Boards Search styling
  • Fix for opening filters via icon
  • Fix for Teams login popup not closing



  • Improve file upload feedback (eg when socket unavailable)
  • Fix duplicates appearing in history from live events
  • Fix first comments not live displaying


  • Fix for timeline cards sometimes showing a day off
  • Fix when loading a Community widget where the Board has been deleted causing an inifinite loop


  • Fix for pasting into edited comment clears comment
  • Fix for loading subscriptions
  • Reducing browser console noise


  • Fix for crashing when tours are dismissed
  • Fix for private card toggle



  • Ability to change Private cards to Public
  • Updated Date pickers with month/year selection
  • Updated Material UI library to latest
  • Fix for saving description on modal closure
  • Fix for transfer membership



  • Fix for welcome message in MS Teams Bot
  • Fix for lost descriptions on first edit when pasting an image
  • Improved file upload feedback
  • Fix where you could not upload the full 50MB for a file
  • Fix for going to the Boards homepage not group list when in group context
  • Performance improvements


  • Fix link format in card history
  • Fix opening URL from MS-Office add-in
  • Update SunEditor to latest


  • Fix for notifications on comments to other commenters
  • Fix for emails when users are no longer Board members



  • Fix for child nodes not loading when loading a node directly
  • Fix for completing tasks when multi-assign has been removed
  • Fix for breadcrumbs not displaying when opening a card node directly
  • Adding generic Create Card functionality
  • Fix for requesting too many Connections community members at once
  • Fix for adding tags with the same starting letter
  • Mindmap move card & Board name overflow fixes
  • Update comment count when deleting comment
  • Syncing when description is deleted
  • Board history max card title height
  • Updated Arabic translations


  • Fix for background when RTE in fullscreen mode
  • Fix for opening cards with a theme set
  • Updated Arabic translations
  • Fix for drag&drop assignments creating extra cards
  • Added Recent Updates Feed


  • Updated German translations
  • MS Teams login fix
  • Fix for issue where link is inserted at start of description
  • Fix for issue when changing user account tries to loads the previous open Board
  • Fix for issue when adding group as board member
  • Added user images by API
  • Fix for copy/paste lists in Activity view
  • Fix for compatibility with Visual Update One (Collab Cloud)
  • Fix for issue where multiple toasts in quick succession never auto closed
  • Fix for starting Zaps/Flows with Huddo Boards
  • Auto Premium Trial
  • Enhancement for msgraph groups which are not teams (owner != member)
  • Unsubscribe emails link
  • Fix for logout/login socket issue
  • Fix for Activity view interact to create list
  • Fix for adding Connections/Collab Cloud Communities as members
  • Improved performance by reducing page load size
  • User Presence on cards
  • Improved Activities View performance
  • Improved private card creation process


  • Adding undo/redo buttons to description toolbar
  • Fix for trial dialog opening
  • Better caching and performance of my/public groups
  • Integromat integration
  • User search performance
  • Community name search improvements
  • Admin page crash fix
  • Fix for Teams notifications turning back on when they are disabled


  • Private Card feature
  • Fix for group membership for private groups
  • Improved invite handling
  • Ability to set group permissions for a Board on create in the group
  • More granular user permissions for group membership
  • Fix for ToDo view filtering
  • Update to user subscriptions allowing emails to be applied
  • User subscriptions now default to purchasing user
  • User subscriptions are now named, not first-come-first-serve
  • Better management options for user subscriptions
  • Fix for error thrown when assigning colours in a Board
  • Small screen icon positions, in particular for attached files
  • Various performance updates


  • Fix for access to Boards in Teams
  • Fix for issue where you could not change level of community members
  • Fix for issue when accepting email invites for guest/external users
  • Performance relating to loading times


  • Initial version of this page

Last update: 2022-09-07