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Community Widget File Download with Connections Customizer

Note: These instructions are for HCL Connections On-Premise

If you want to learn more about using Connections Customizer, have a read of the developer documentation on GitHub.


  1. Connections Customizer is setup as per documentation
  2. Download

Configure Reverse Proxy

As part of the Connections Customizer set up, you configured a reverse proxy.

Our Customizer app has integration points in Communities. The rule in your reverse proxy conf that directs requests to mw-proxy (customizer) should include all Community paths. You might already be directing all traffic through Customizer, which will also work.

location ~ ^/(files/customizer|files/app|communities/service/html|forums/html|search/web|homepage/web|social/home|mycontacts|wikis/home|blogs|news|activities/service/html|profiles/html|viewer) {
      proxy_pass http://MW_PROXY_SERVICE:30301;

Copy Files to Customizer Server

The script file that is injected by Customizer needs to be copied into a directory on the mw-proxy server.

  1. Extract files from

  2. You will need to change the variable boardsFrameSrc to the URL (or part there of) of Boards in your environment

  3. Copy iframe-download.js into /pv-connections/customizations/huddo-boards-iframe-download

  4. Update iframe-download.js and replace the variable boardsFrameSrc with the Boards URL in your environment

Register Boards iFrame Download in Customizer

  1. Go to the Connections Customizer App Registry, e.g

Note: To access App Registry, you need to have the admin Security Role for the Common application. This is configured in the WebSphere console

App Registration Page

  1. Add a new app.

  2. Open Code Editor.

  3. Import or copy the entire contents of appreg-manifest.json from into the code editor and click Save.

This saves you from completing all of the form fields for creating the app. You can edit the app now to customize names or directories if necessary.

App Editor

Last update: 2022-04-27