Teams - Disable Notifications


If you find that your Microsoft Teams team Conversations tab is getting a bit crowded with all the updates your team are making in Huddo Boards, it is possible to control whether or not team notifications are posted in Conversations for each board in your team. Conversations

To do this, firstly open a board within a Teams tab.

Click the Open Board Properties button in the top-left corner of the board:

Open Board Properties

In the board properties you will see a Disable team notifications for this board button. (note that this may take a few seconds to appear):

Disable team notifications

Click this to disable all notifications for the board from coming up in the Conversations tab of your team.

Note that the notifications for the board can be enabled again by clicking the Enable team notifications for this board button in the same location of the board properties dialog:

Enable team notifications

Last update: 2023-06-20