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Huddo Analytics Installation FAQ


Images do not work

Please go to the BadgesConfigurator->Settings tab then restart the Huddo Application.

Scheduler not running

Issue is with the timerManager in WAS. Create a new one to resolve issue.

Performance tuning

Review this guide for changes that can be made.

Connections 8 UI

The new UI that comes with Connections 8 breaks some CSS of Analytics. Please use the below to fix it up, which can be applied as per the HCL Docs.t_admin_navbar_change_style.html)

.ConnectionsRankDropDown {
    border: 1px solid !important;

.KudosAnalyticsOptionSelect {
    border: 1px solid !important;

.AnalyticsCategoryList li div {
    font-size: 10px !important;

.KudosAnalyticsField .dijitReset.dijitInputField.dijitArrowButtonInner {
    width: 16px !important;