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Authenticating Huddo Boards with Microsoft 365

This document details the process to enable login to your private instance of Huddo Boards with your private Microsoft 365 tenant.

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Register OAuth Application

You must configure an OAuth Application in your Microsoft 365 Tenant in order to use Huddo Boards with O365. To access this configuration you must be logged in as a Microsoft tenant admin

Open the Azure App Portal

Click New Registration

click new registration

Configure Redirect

Enter the values below and click Register

enter these values

Huddo Boards

Where BOARDS_URL is the URL to access your main Huddo Boards page. For example:

  • OR

Click Register

Configure Required Scopes

  1. Open the Manifest section

  2. Replace the requiredResourceAccess section as per below

    scopes to add

    "requiredResourceAccess": [
        "resourceAppId": "00000003-0000-0000-c000-000000000000",
        "resourceAccess": [
            "id": "06da0dbc-49e2-44d2-8312-53f166ab848a",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "64a6cdd6-aab1-4aaf-94b8-3cc8405e90d0",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "863451e7-0667-486c-a5d6-d135439485f0",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "4e46008b-f24c-477d-8fff-7bb4ec7aafe0",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "7427e0e9-2fba-42fe-b0c0-848c9e6a8182",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "37f7f235-527c-4136-accd-4a02d197296e",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "ba47897c-39ec-4d83-8086-ee8256fa737d",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "14dad69e-099b-42c9-810b-d002981feec1",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "205e70e5-aba6-4c52-a976-6d2d46c48043",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "e1fe6dd8-ba31-4d61-89e7-88639da4683d",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "b340eb25-3456-403f-be2f-af7a0d370277",
            "type": "Scope"
            "id": "59a6b24b-4225-4393-8165-ebaec5f55d7a",
            "type": "Role"
            "id": "3b55498e-47ec-484f-8136-9013221c06a9",
            "type": "Role"

    Click Save

Check Permissions

Open the API permissions section. Notice that all the scopes are now pre-filled.

Click Grant admin consent for kudosdev

grant consent

Click Yes

click yes

Configure SSO in Teams

Note: These steps are extracted from the official Microsoft guide: steps 5-12

Note: This step is optional, but recommended to remove the Sign in with page when accessing Huddo Boards.

At the end of this step you should have the following:


  1. Click Expose an API

  2. Set the Application ID URI as per:


    where :

    • DOMAIN_HOSTING_BOARDS is the domain hosting boards, e.g. or
    • CLIENT_ID is the Application (client) ID, shown on the Overview page

    For example:


    Note: this requires the domain name to be added & verified in the Azure Portal under Azure Active Directory -> Custom domain names. See read the official Microsoft documentation for more information.

  3. Click Add a scope

    Set the following values:

    add scope

    • Scope name: access_as_user
    • Who can consent: Admins and users
    • Admin consent display name: Teams can access the user’s profile.
    • Admin consent description: Teams can call the app’s web APIs as the current user.
    • User consent display name: Teams can access your profile and make requests on your behalf.
    • User consent description: Teams can call this app’s APIs with the same rights as you have.
    • State: Enabled

    Click Save

  4. Add the following Authorized client applications

    • 1fec8e78-bce4-4aaf-ab1b-5451cc387264 for Teams mobile or desktop application.
    • 5e3ce6c0-2b1f-4285-8d4b-75ee78787346 for Teams web application.

Configure OAuth in Boards

  1. Open the Overview section

    Copy Application (client) ID & Directory (tenant) ID

    copy guids

  2. Open the Certificates & secrets section

    Click New client secret

    create a secret

    Select Never expire and click Add

    add the secret

    Copy the secret value shown

    copy the secret

  3. Add OAuth and Tenant values to YAML config (ie boards.yaml or boards-cp.yaml)

            MSGRAPH_CLIENT_ID: "<your-application-id>"
            MSGRAPH_CLIENT_SECRET: "<your-application-secret>"
            MSGRAPH_LOGIN_TENANT: "<your-tenant-id>"
  4. Redeploy Boards Helm Chart as per command for Huddo Boards:

    HCL Component Pack

    helm upgrade huddo-boards-cp -i -f ./boards-cp.yaml --namespace connections

    for Docker - Kubernetes

    helm upgrade huddo-boards -i -f ./boards.yaml --namespace boards

    Note: --recreate-pods is not required this time as this is only an env variable change

Approve Permissions

  1. Open your Huddo Boards environment.

    Click the Microsoft 365 option and login with a Tenant Administrator account

    login with Microsoft 365

  2. Once logged in, a prompt will appear in Huddo Boards. Click Approve

    Admin Approval Toast

  3. Click Accept on the following popup to grant the required permissions for Huddo Boards

    permission popup

    Congratulations! All users in your tenant can now login to Huddo Boards via Microsoft 365!

    login options