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Glossary of Terms


Any action or occurence performed by the user in Connections. Typical event types are VISIT, CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE. Here is a summary of common events:

EVENT Description
ACKCOM Acknowledgment of a platform command
ADD To add an existing item to a new place, e.g. a User as a new member of a Community, or Sharing a File with other users
APPROVE Approval of content for moderation
COMMAND Invocation of a platform command
COMPLETE To mark an Activity or Todo as completed
COPY To duplicate an Activity or Activity Template
CREATE To create a new item, e.g. a Blog Entry or Bookmark
DELETE To delete an existing item, e.g. an Entry/Section from an Activity or a Widget from Homepage/Communities
DOWNLOAD To download a File or Media File
FOLLOW To follow an item (changes/comments etc), e.g. a File, Community, Forum Topic or Wiki Page
GRADUATE To graduate an Idea in an Ideation Blog to the next level
MEMBERSHIP Modification of membership or access control for a given resource
MOVE To move a section in an Activity
PIN To pin a Topic in a Forum
PREVIEW To preview a Media File in the Media Gallery
READ To read an item, e.g. a Blog Entry, Forum Topic or Wiki Page etc.
RECOMMEND To recommend an item, e.g. a Blog Entry, File, or Wiki Page etc.
RESTORE To restore a File from a previous version
TAG To add a tag to an item, e.g. Activity Entry, Bookmark, File, Forum, Forum Topic etc.
UNCOMPLETE To remove a previous ‘Complete’ from an Activity or Todo
UNDELETE To restore a previously deleted Activity Entry
UNFOLLOW To remove a previous ‘follow’
UNGRADUATE To remove a ‘graduate’ on an Idea
UNPIN To unpin a Topic from a Forum
UNRECOMMEND To remove a previous recommendation
UNTAG To remove a previous tag
UNVOTE To remove a vote previously cast in an Ideation Blog
UNWATCH To remove a User from your Bookmarks Watchlist
UPDATE To update an existing item, e.g. your Status, or change the name of a file
VISIT To visit a Connections page, e.g. the Homepage
VISIT_DUP Duplicate visits, e.g. Visits to the exact same place within a similar time frame
VOTE To vote for an Idea in an Ideation Blog
WATCH To add a User to your Bookmarks Watchlist


The visible data (graph or table) produced to analyse the use of your IBM Connections environment.

Report Definition

The default instances provided with Huddo which can be used as-is (or customised) to create Reports

View mode

The default mode of a saved Analytics widget. It only displays the graph or table, hiding all the configuration options for the report.

Edit mode

This is the default mode for newly added Analytics widgets, before a report is saved to them. This mode provides access to all the configuration options for reports allowing users to preview new reports and customise saved reports.