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Activities Plus Install FAQ

If you are following the HCL install documentation, these notes need to be applied during the relevant sections. We recommend using our install documentation instead.

There are also some more notes and insights from one of our partners which is a great read.

Installing Activities Plus services

Configuring IBM HTTP Server as reverse proxy

  • If you do not have them enabled, you will need to enable the following modules by uncommenting them (remove the '#'):

    LoadModule proxy_module modules/
    LoadModule proxy_connect_module modules/
    LoadModule proxy_ftp_module modules/
    LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/
    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
  • If you have not specified earlier (such as during other component-pack app installs), please set ProxyPreserveHost On before the Huddo Boards section in the VirtualHost

Updating the Activities Plus configuration file

  • Please use this boards-cp.yaml NOT the one supplied with the component pack.

Migrating Activities data

  • The helm upgrade command needs to be run from the directory containing boards-cp.yaml and the correct command is:

    helm upgrade kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration path_to_helm_charts/kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration-1.0.0-20191120-214007.tgz -i -f ./boards-cp.yaml --namespace connections --recreate-pods


    helm upgrade kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration /root/microservices_connections/hybridcloud/helmbuilds/kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration-1.0.0-20191120-214007.tgz -i -f ./boards-cp.yaml --namespace connections --recreate-pods

Duplicate name MONGO_HOST

When (re)deploying the Boards CP Chart you may see this warning:

W0612 09:17:16.153629   21276 warnings.go:70] spec.template.spec.containers[0].env[2].name: duplicate name "MONGO_HOST"

This is an expected behaviour. Connections 8 added a new hostname for Mongo v5. Our v1.1.0 helm chart uses this in addition to the old hostname to maintain backwards compatibility. This warning can be safely ignored.