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Authenticating Huddo Boards with HCL Connections


Register OAuth

In order for Huddo Boards to authenticate with your Connections environment, you must define a new OAuth widget.

  1. SSH to the HCL Connections Deployment Manager (substitute the alias)

  2. Start wsadmin (substiture your credentials)

    cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/bin/
    ./ -lang jython -username connectionsadmin -password passw0rd
  3. Register the new application definition

    OAuthApplicationRegistrationService.addApplication('huddoboards', 'Huddo Boards', '[CONNECTIONS_HOSTNAME_BASE64]/callback')


    • your Connections hostname base64 encoded. E.g. => Y29ubmVjdGlvbnMuZXhhbXBsZS5jb20=
      There are many free online services to do this, ie here

  4. To view the uniquely created client clientSecret


    These commands will print the definition. Please take note of the clientSecret. We will use this later on as


Configure Auto Auth

Steps to configure the Huddo Boards application for auto-authorize (also documented here)

Note: this step is optional but recommended and can be done at any time.

  1. Add the new line to the following section in [cellname]/oauth20/connectionsProvider.xml

    <parameter name="oauth20.autoauthorize.clients" type="ws" customizable="true">

    Note: keep any existing values and add the new line for huddoboards

  2. Recreate the provider via this command:

    ./ -lang jython -conntype SOAP -c "print AdminTask.createOAuthProvider('[-providerName connectionsProvider -fileName  [PATH_TO_CONFIG_FILE]/oauth20/connectionsProvider.xml]')" -user connectionsadmin -password passw0rd

    Note: update the wsadmin credentials and the [PATH_TO_CONFIG_FILE]

  3. Restart the WebSphere servers