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Huddo Boards Docker


Logging-in doesn't work

Please revoke your OAuth access to Huddo Boards Cloud within HCL Connections. Go to https://<YOUR_CONNECTIONS_URL>/connections/oauth/apps (replacing <YOUR_CONNECTIONS_URL>) and press 'Revoke'

Application Access

Kubernetes Ingress Controller Version

To check the version of the ingress controller run this command

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces | grep ingress-controller
kubectl exec -it <POD_NAME> -n <NAMESPACE> -- /nginx-ingress-controller --version


  • <POD_NAME> is the name of the Ingress controller pod
  • <NAMESPACE> is the namespace of the Ingress controller pod. e.g. kube-system or connections

For example

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces | grep ingress
kubectl exec -it nginx-ingress-controller-84d4dfc9b-7gv4m -n kube-system -- /nginx-ingress-controller --version


NGINX Ingress controller
  Release:    0.23.0
  Build:      git-be1329b22

As of 0.22.0 the Ingress controller rewrite-target definition changed. If Boards is installed at a context root, the format must include a regular expression which is now set as the default as of the helm chart v2.0.1. We recommend using the latest huddo-boards-cp-1.2.0.tgz which includes all required annotations (including cookie fix).

If you have an older Ingress controller version (i.e. 0.20) you will need to apply the following customisations to fix the ingress with charts as of v2.0.1

        path: /boards

        path: /api-boards
   /api-boards; Secure

Customizing Boards Context Root

If you wish to deploy boards at a path other than /boards & /api-boards please see this example file of all the variables to merge into your YAML config file.

Note: If you are using an older version of the Ingress controller (< 0.22) you will need to use example above

Note: please see this example again if you encounter the error

Ignoring ingress because of error while validating ingress class" ingress="connections/kudos-boards-cp-webfront" error="ingress does not contain a valid IngressClass"

No real time updates (eg Rich Text not editable)

Some deployments may encounter an issue where you are unable to see any real time updates. If this is the case, it is likely that the socket is unable to connect or authenticate. Please update to the latest Boards helm chart which includes annotations for increased browser cookie security requirements.

Note: if you have a core.annotations section in your yaml configuration our updates will be overwritten. Custom annotations should only be required when customizing the context root as per above. Please remove the annotations section otherwise.

Additional for WebSphere IHS

If you are using WebSphere IHS as your reverse proxy in front of Boards, please set the following environment variables to force polling instead of sockets

        FORCE_POLLING: true

Minio pods fail to start in Boards CP

If the Minio service fails to start with the following error:

ERROR Unable to initialize backend: found backend fs, expected xl

Please update to kudos-boards-cp-3.1.4.tgz which includes a different image of Minio which supports your existing 'fs' file system.

React Minified Issue


This has been successfully fixed in all reported cases by clearing the local storage of the user's browser. There is also a change to handle this better in the 2022-12-15 release

ITM Render Issue


Connections 8 CR1/2 changes how the ITM bar is displayed. This causes an issue in Boards where is loads to the left and not the right.

You can add this to your custom css in the header/customiser (which is then injected into Boards).

.gt-sm.cnx8-ui.itm-bar-open .itm-section {
  position: absolute;
  right: 0;