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Huddo Boards for HCL Domino

Huddo Boards supports authentication, user and group lookup with HCL Domino.


  • Domino Proton (AppDev Pack >= 1.0.12) Documentation
  • Domino IAM service (AppDev Pack >= 1.0.12) Overview
  • User credentials (PEM certificate and Key) for an application user that Boards will use to read a names.nsf database via the Proton Service.


We will require 2 domains from you

  • Domino Server domain (that has Proton listening)
  • IAM Server domain

IAM Setup

Callback URL

Huddo Boards Cloud: Boards cloud uses a base64 encoded version of your Domino Server domain, you can use a service like to achieve this, the callback format looks like this:[ encoded domain ]/callback

e.g. for domain the callback url would be

Huddo Boards On Prem: For an on premise installation we use a global authentication setup so the callback url does not need an id. depending on your deployment it could look like one of the following:

  • if you have a context root (i.e. you would access boards application at /boards).

You will need to setup an Application in the IAM Service with the following details

Item Details
Application Name Huddo Boards
Application Home Page (or your boards url for an on-premise installation)
Authorization Callback URL Callback URL above
Proton Access Domino Database Access
Functional ID LDAP CN for IAM application user
Scopes Offline Access

Proton User

The boards application backend uses a single user to access your names.nsf directory, you will need to setup a user with appropriate access and import a PEM Certificate as detailed below, for more information, see HCL's Documentation

Application Process

Please email with the following details

Item Detail / example
IAM domain
Domino domain
Boards url For on-premise installations (your licence will be tied to this url)
Proton Port 3002
client_id The IAM Application client id
client_secret The IAM Application client secret
user_certificate PEM encoded certificate that represents the Proton User above
user_key Private Key for the above certificate
group_search Please indicate whether you would like us to search Groups in your directory

Last update: 2022-09-27