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Activity Migration

Missing Long Descriptions

This process will find and fix cards with long descriptions which were not imported correctly due to an incorrect HTTP 404 response from the HCL Connections API

Note: this requires Boards images with date tags on or after 2021-03-22

Process Overview

This service will:

  1. mount the Connections Shared drive
  2. find any migrated cards which have a link to the old "Long Description" (with /downloadExtended/ in the URL)
  3. use the Connections database to locate the files' path on the NFS drive
  4. retrieve the file contents from the file path
  5. save this full content into the card and overwrite the short summary version which previously was used
  6. remove the link on the card to the Long Description
  7. log statistics on how many cards were fixed

Note: any changes made to the description (rich text area) by users since the migration will be over-written by the loaded content. If there are any cards which you want to keep the existing, simply delete the link to "Long Description" before running this process.


  1. Add the volume, volume mount & FILE_PATH_ACTIVITIES_CONTENT_STORE to the boards yaml config. For example:

      # configure access to the Connections Shared mount
        # Replace with IP address for the NFS server
        # for example "/opt/HCL/Connections/data/shared" or "/nfs/data/shared"
        path: /nfs/data/shared
        # the extension after /data can be found from the WebSphere ACTIVITIES_CONTENT_DIR variable
        FILE_PATH_ACTIVITIES_CONTENT_STORE: /data/activities/content
  2. Replace the sharedDrive.server IP and the sharedDrive.path to the shared drive (e.g. /nfs/data/shared or /opt/HCL/data/shared etc)

  3. Deploy the Activity Migration chart applicable for your deployment (CP v3 or standalone Kubernetes v5)
  4. Review the pod logs for the status of how many long description were replaced