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In the Install Widgets step you made the Huddo Leaderboard widget available on the Home page for all users. This step meant that any new user would automatically see the Leaderboard widget, and any existing user would be able to add the widget by customizing the page. This step provides a button where you can publish the widget to the homepage of all existing users without them needing to manually add it themselves.

Add Leaderboard to Homepage

Login to Connections and navigate to the Badges Configurator Community

Select the Settings tab in the BdagesConfigurator widget

Click the Add Leaderboard to Users Homepage button

For the proceeding prompt boxes:

  • Enter position for Leaderboard: Specify the Leaderboard’s position numerically or leave as default, click OK.
  • Enter name of Leaderboard: Specify the Leaderboard’s name or leave as default, click OK.

add leaderboard