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Permissions in Huddo Boards

When you invite colleagues, teams, or external parties to collaborate in your board, you can decide what level of permission to allocate to them. Below, permissions are listed from the lowest access to the highest.


A person allocated a Reader permission, has read-only access.


A member with Author permissions, has the ability to create new cards, edit their cards, and any cards assigned to them. They cannot edit existing cards.


An Editor has the ability to edit existing content, and create new content. Editors can invite and manage other members with the roles Reader, Author and Editor (they cannot change Owners)


Owners have full rights to all properties on a board, they can add, edit and delete all other members, lists and cards in the board.

Find out more about how to add members to a board.

Making Your Board Public

When you activate Public Access, your board will be discoverable by anyone in your organisation. You'll be asked to select Reader, Author, or Editor to decide what level of access your organisation can have to the board. Additionally, updates that you make on your board may be included in linked activity streams such as HCL Connections, or Microsoft Teams.

To give your board public access, navigate to your desired board. Select Members and then select Public Access. Decide what level of access, Reader, Author or Editor, your organisation will have.