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Huddo Boards is tailored for working with Microsoft 365 in the following ways:


Use your existing Microsoft credentials

Login Page


Share and collaborate with individuals and groups in your office tenant

Share with Team

Easy Access

Access Boards from your Office menu, and access other Office apps from the menu in Boards

Admin setup guide

Office Menu


Share files and folders from Onedrive within the context of a Board

Share Onedrive file


Teams integration admin guide

Add boards tabs to Microsoft Teams

Teams Tabs

See all of the boards your team is working on.

Teams Board Tabs

Access Huddo Boards directly from Teams as a personal app

Teams Tabs

Receive notifications as the board updates


You can add the Outlook add-in just for yourself (Outlook plugin user guide)
Or for your whole Microsoft 365 tenant (Outlook plugin admin guide)

Save emails from Outlook as a card in your board

Save email

Attach boards, lists and cards to an email.

Save email


Embed boards as pages in Sharepoint.

Sharepoint pages setup guide

Sharepoint Page