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Huddo Boards Power Automate Integration


This feature is only available for Huddo Boards Cloud.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Power Automate is a platform which allows end users to set up "Flows" which are workflows that connect two or more applications (like Huddo Boards). Each Flow consists of a "Trigger" and one or more "Actions". When the trigger event occurs, Power Automate automatically performs the actions.

Huddo Boards Connector

Huddo Boards is now available as a connector in Microsoft Power Automate. Create simple or complex flows to help you work across multiple applications and save time on repeatable tasks. Have you found a flow that works for you? Share it with us and we’ll turn it in to a template.

powerautomate example in action

Triggers / Webhooks

See the available Triggers / Webhooks.


See the available Actions.