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This integration enables you to manage users in Auth0 for login to Huddo Boards. Auth0 will maintain a directory of your users for Huddo Boards. This enables standalone use of Huddo Boards if you do not have any of the other supported authentication providers in your business.

You may switch to using one of our other supported authentication providers at a later stage should you wish.

Setting up a new Auth0 tenant for use with Huddo Boards

  • Sign up at Auth0 by providing your email and a suitable password.

Sign Up

  • Choose a tenant domain and region

Tenant Selection

  • Fill in your company details

Company Details

  • Create a new application, providing Huddo Boards for the name and choose Regular Web Applications as the type.

Application Wizard 1

  • Open your application and go to the settings tab.

Application Wizard 2

  • Provide the rest of the details as below:

In the table below, copy your auth0 domain (listed at the top of the page) into the relevant fields, replacing <domain> with '' where applicable

Field Value
Application Logo
Token Endpoint Authentication Method Post
Allowed Callback URLs<domain>/callback
Allowed Web Origins
Allowed Origins (CORS) https://*
  • Click Show Advanced Settings -> Grant Types and tick Implicit, Authorization Code, Refresh Token and Client Credentials
  • Click Save Changes
  • Send An email to with your domain, Client ID and Client Secret.

Enable user searching

In order to allow your users to find each other, we need to enable one of Auth0's api features.

  • Click APIs and next to the Auth0 Management API Click the settings button.


  • Click Machine to Machine Applications and next to Huddo Boards click the AUTHORIZED slider so it is enabled as below.


  • The Scopes should automatically open as below, if they do not click the > next to the slider above
  • Find and tick the read:users scope then click UPDATE


Adding Users to your Auth0 tenant

  • Login or Sign up to Auth0
  • Click Users under Users and Roles
  • Click Create New User and provide the email and password for the user you wish to add. Leave the Connection as Username-Password-Authentication

Create User

If you aren't redirected to the users page, click them to open it

  • Click Edit under the users name

Edit User

  • Update the users full name and click Save

Save User

Sign in to Huddo Boards with your Auth0 Tenant

Once your Auth0 tenant has been activated you will get an email from our support team with confirmation, you may then go to Huddo Boards and use your Auth0 domain as the team name to login.

Huddo Boards Login

After submitting your Team Name, you'll be asked for the email address and password associated with your Auth0 user account, to finalise your login.

Company Details