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Huddo Boards for HCL Connections CP


The HCL Connections Component Pack (CP) provides a MongoDB database and Redis cache. Huddo Boards for CP utilises these existing services. This guide will walk you through the setup to deploy a Minio S3 service for storage, and the Huddo Boards services into your existing CP environment.


See the latest changes in our On-Premise Release notes.


  1. HCL Component Pack is installed and running
  2. WebSphere environment with Web Server (or another reverse proxy)
  3. kubectl is installed and configured
  4. helm is installed
  5. SMTP gateway setup for email notifications if required

SSL / Network setup

Huddo Boards uses the existing CP infrastructure.

The UI and API each require a unique route:

  • UI for Boards: [CONNECTIONS_URL]/boards. We will refer to this as BOARDS_URL
  • API Gateway: [CONNECTIONS_URL]/api-boards. We will refer to this as API_URL

For more details on configuring a reverse proxy, please see below.

Setup OAuth

Please follow our instructions to setup HCL Connections OAuth for Huddo Boards.

The OAuth Callback URL for this configuration is https://[BOARDS_URL]/auth/connections/callback



Huddo Boards for Component Pack deploys a Minio service. Please follow S3 storage details here to configure the NFS mount.


Huddo Boards uses the Mongo database already deployed inside the Component Pack. There is no configuration required.

Licence Key

Huddo Boards / Activities Plus is a free entitlement however it requires a licence key from For more details see here.


Update Config file

Download our config file and update all the values inside. Descriptions as below.

Kubernetes variables:

Key Description
global.env.APP_URI https://[BOARDS_URL] (e.g.
webfront.ingress.hosts [CONNECTIONS_URL] (no protocol, e.g.
core.ingress.hosts [API_URL] (no protocol, e.g.
minio.nfs.server IP address of the NFS Server file mount (e.g.
minio.storageClassName (Optional) name of the storage class when using dynamic provisioning

Boards variables:

Are detailed here.

Customising Boards notifications:

Some elements of the Boards notifications that are sent out can be customised.

Activity migration variables:

The Activity migration chart will be deployed separately but use the same config file. The variables are described here.

Install Boards Helm Chart

Install the Boards services via our Helm chart

helm upgrade huddo-boards-cp -i -f ./boards-cp.yaml --namespace connections --recreate-pods

Note: --recreate-pods ensures all images are up to date. This will cause downtime.

Proxy Config

For Connections on-premise you have two options:

  1. nginx - if you have an NGINX (e.g. customizer) in front of IHS use that instead to support websockets and use one less proxy. Follow these instructions.

  2. httpd - please follow these instructions.


HCL Connections

Microsoft Teams

Migrate Activities data

Please follow the instructions here

Subscribing to latest updates from Huddo Team

Guide here