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This guide is very similar to the on-premise version but with a different URL:[CONNECTIONS_HOSTNAME_BASE64]

HCL Connections 8.0

There are a few ways to achieve this in HCL Connections 8.0 with the new theme.

Top Level More Popout
top level navigation more popout


Please see the full customizer extensions documentation for our package of default customisations. The HCL documentation also highlights how to add customEntries to the side navigation.

Customise nav json file


This is the recommended approach for environments that do not have Customizer installed.

The side navigation is customisable as per the official documentation.

  1. Download the default react-nav.json file.

  2. Rename this file to react-nav-entries.json

  3. Edit this file to add Boards

    Huddo Boards can be added in any place in the navigation. Typically this would either be at the top level in the navbarmenus.main_menus array between Communities and People. Alternatively under the More popout section. Simply add the following JSON object in the corresponding section of the file:

      "id": "boards",
      "name": "Boards",
      "link": "[CONNECTIONS_HOSTNAME_BASE64]",
      "icon": "",
      "order": 2500,
      "submenu": []


    • your Connections hostname base64 encoded. E.g. => Y29ubmVjdGlvbnMuZXhhbXBsZS5jb20=

    For example:

    Top Level More
    top level navigation more popout
  4. (Optional) Remove Activities menu item

    Once Huddo Boards (Activities Plus) is installed you may choose to remove the Activities menu item. This can be done by removing the following Activities section from the more.submenu array in the json file.

    activities menu item

  5. Place this customised file on your Shared Drive at this location:


    For example:

  6. Restart the Common application via the ISC to apply the changes

    restart common

HCL Connections 7.0 and earlier

The following steps are for Connections 7 and earlier (6.5, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0 etc) and use the apps.jsp file to add the Huddo Boards app links to the Apps Menu.


  1. If you have not customised the apps.jsp file for your connections environment, please make a copy of the file.

    • You can access the file from:

    • Paste the copy into the common\nav\templates subdirectory in the customization directory:

  2. To add the Huddo Boards App Link add the following lines towards the bottom of the apps.jsp file before the </table> element

      --%><th scope="row" class="lotusNowrap"><%--
        --%><img width="16" src="" /><%--
        --%><a href="[CONNECTIONS_HOSTNAME_BASE64]"><%--
          --%><strong><fmt:message key="" /></strong><%--
      --%><td class="lotusNowrap lotusLastCell"><%--
        --%><a href="[CONNECTIONS_HOSTNAME_BASE64]?redirect_to=/todos/assigned"><%--
          --%><fmt:message key="" /><%--
      --%><td class="lotusNowrap lotusLastCell"><%--
        --%><a href="[CONNECTIONS_HOSTNAME_BASE64]?redirect_to=/templates/public"><%--
          --%><fmt:message key="" /><%--


    • your Connections hostname base64 encoded. E.g. => Y29ubmVjdGlvbnMuZXhhbXBsZS5jb20=
      There are many free online services to do this, ie here

  3. Save and close the file

  4. Add the Huddo Boards Strings for the Apps Menu

    • Download the strings files and extract the files to the Connections strings customisation directory:

    • Note: Please append the lines to the files if they already exist. Extra languages can also be added

  5. The changes will take effect when the cluster(s) are restarted