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Configure Domino OAuth (REST API)

This guide will describe how to add a new OAuth application for Boards users to login via Domino.

oauth outcome


  1. Open the REST API and click Configuration

    Rest API homepage

  2. Login


  3. Click Application Management - OAUTH


  4. Click Add Application


  5. Enter the following details and click ADD

    Determine the appropriate URL for your environment as per our guide.

    • Application Name: Huddo Boards
    • Callback URL, e.g.

        https://<ON_PREM_BOARDS_URL>/auth/domino/callback[encoded domain]/callback
    • Startup Page, e.g.

        https://<ON_PREM_BOARDS_URL>/auth/domino[encoded domain]
    • Scope: $DATA (click + icon)

    • Contacts: <YOUR_EMAIL>


  6. Click the generate application secret icon.

    generate secret

  7. Copy both the App Id and App Secret

    These will be referred to later as CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET