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Huddo Badges can transform and accelerate organisations user adoption of Connections by encouraging users to leverage the full range of social services and drive user adoption and behaviour.

Huddo Badges for Connections is a flexible gamification engine for Connections. By providing achievements and rewards (Huddo Badges), rank and leaderboards (Huddo Rank), and missions (Huddo Missions), organisations can dramatically improve their user engagement and adoption of Connections.

In addition, Huddo Badges is an extensible platform that can leverage game theory to provide performance management mechanics and reward systems for applications outside of Connections such as HR, Sales Force Management, Help Desks, and many more.

Huddo also now includes a peer to peer and team recognition feature; Huddo Thanks.

Huddo Points

Huddo Points are awarded to people for performing certain actions. For example you get a Huddo Point for posting a status update or making a comment. You get 5 Huddo Points for creating a blog, or 3 Huddo Points for having one of your files recommended by another person. You can even be awarded Huddo Points for achieving a particular badge or for completing a Huddo Mission or category of badges. The value of any particular action or reward can be configured so the points system can be tweaked to meet your needs. You can also be awarded Huddo Points for your actions outside of Connections helping to drive your organisations’ performance management.

Huddo Metrics

Metrics are at the heart of Huddo Badges. Metrics are basically a way of awarding and tracking Huddo that determine if a particular badge, mission, or achievement has been awarded. Metrics also award Huddo that add to the person’s Huddo Rank and their leaderboard position.

Metrics are SQL statements that analyse information in your database. You can even define Metrics that count other Metrics! We provide many out of the box metrics for Connections that you can add to or modify. In addition you can also build your own custom metrics that capture actions and performance from external applications. You can then reward users based on their actions and behaviour outside of Connections.

Huddo Filters

Filters work alongside Metrics. Filters are also SQL statements, and they are applied to Metrics to, as the name suggests, filter the selected users using contextual parameters such as Time, Community, Name etc. For example, to select a user with the display name Joe Bloggs, we can use the Profile Like Metric with the filter Display Name Like with its parameter set to ‘Joe Bloggs .

Like Metrics, we also provide many out of the box filters for Connections that you can modify or add to, and you can build your own custom filters for use with external applications.

Huddo Badges

Huddo Badges are rewards that users receive for performing certain actions. There are simple badges that are fairly easy to achieve and more complex badges that require significant effort. The Huddo Badges are designed to not only reward users but to also encourage progression and exploration of other features. Badges are grouped into categories and missions and are achieved by meeting the required metrics for each badge.

Badges are defined by selecting pre-configured Metrics, and specifying the upper and lower limits of the Huddo points returned by these Metrics, required to achieve that Badge. You can make Badges as simple or as complex as you wish by varying the amount of Metrics you are counting.

Huddo Awards

Huddo Awards is a reward and recognition system which provides the capability of directly awarding Badges to one or more users. Huddo provides a set of default Awards to reward loyalty, efficiency, expertise, etc. The default Awards have been designed to be generic and universally applicable, however they can be customised and/or replaced with ones more applicable to your environment.

Huddo Leaderboard

The Huddo Badges Leaderboard enables users to view the top 10 contributors throughout Connections. You can filter the leaders to just people from your network, everyone, or even Community members (when viewing the Huddo Leaderboard in a Community).

You can also view a break-down of which categories the Points/Badges came from by simply selecting the user in the Leaderboard.

Huddo Configurators

The Huddo Badges, Metrics & Filters Configurators allow the user to control and customise Badges, Metrics & Filters.

These Configurators are designed for use by Administrators, and not general users. As such controlling access to them is very important. Therefore we have built them to only operate in one specific Connections Community, which you can control. This means that the Community Administrators use the Members list to specify the users allowed access to each Configurator.

We will be creating three Communities; one for each Configurator. These Communities can be Stand-alone Communities or Sub-Communities of existing Communities if you wish.

Huddo Badges Summary

The Huddo Summary Widget is added to everyone's profile so that others can see what achievements and rewards the person has received. When you mouse over each badge it provides you with details on why the badge was awarded and tasks that you can consider to try and win another badge! The idea is to not only reward people for their behaviour but to also provide them with guidance and education on what else they can do in Connections. When users click on the View All link it takes them to their Huddo Badges Progress and Detail Page.

Huddo Profile Progress Widget

Encourage the users to get started in Connections!

The Profile Progress Widget displays a progress bar indicating a Profile’s maturity level and gives users ideas to improve it based on what the Profile is lacking. This widget uses existing metrics to measure in real-time the level of completion of a Profile. What makes this feature really powerful is that it is completely configurable allowing you to fine tune it to your environment!

Huddo Thanks

There is nothing quite as simple as saying "Thank You" to provide some recognition of great work. Think about it for a moment...when somebody thanks you for your great idea, or for putting in that extra work to meet a deadline, or maybe for just being a good team mate, it makes you feel great and more motivated to stay engaged.

That is why ISW has developed Huddo Thanks, the peer to peer and team recognition tool for Connections.

Motivate your team We all do performance reviews (or we all should!), however often the problem is that the various achievements or small goals we meet throughout the year can be easily forgotten. Why wait for the next big meeting to provide some feedback to your team. Huddo Thanks enables you to provide real time feedback and to publically acknowledge great work quickly and easily. The recognition then stays visible on the person's profile so that peers and colleagues can see and recognise the value that is placed on a person’s work.

Peer to Peer recognition Thanks don’t always come from your boss either! Often having your direct peers’ thank you for some great work can be a great motivator. With Huddo Thanks users of Connections can select from a range of Thanks related badges, choose who to award the thanks to, add a message and send it off! The thanks will appear on the users profile as well as integrate within their Activity Steam so that others can see as well.

Management or Team recognition Huddo also allows for Manager or Team Leader Thanks Badges. You can create your own special badges that only certain people can award such as employee of the month. And because Huddo Thanks is built to be social, within Connections peers and colleagues are able to see and add value to the recognition and thanks as well!

Thanks Badges Select from provided badges or create your own. You can even set how often a Thanks badge may be awarded to add more value.

Personalised Messages & Reputation
You can provide a personal message of recognition when awarding a thanks
badge. Thanks Received and Given remain on your profile so the recognition you
receive is not forgotten.

Thanks Allowance Control how often a Thanks badge may be awarded to add more value and create a greater impact.

Social Recognition & Notifications
Thanks given to users are published in the Discover Feed for everyone
to see. An email notification is sent to the user as well to make sure they
receive your thanks.

Huddo Groups

Huddo Groups allows administrators to group users.

These groups can then be used to control access to various parts of Huddo. For example in Thanks Badges, allowing you to define Thanks which can only be awarded by selected users. This allows you to define exclusive Management badges such as “Employee of the Month” which can only be awarded by those you choose! You can also use Groups to exclude users from appearing in the Leaderboards!

Connections Activity Stream Integration

Huddo now includes Embedded Experiences in the Activity Stream through use of the new Open Social Gadget standards. Now you can enjoy a richer Huddo experience, through the ability to Comment & Like on Awarded Badges and Thanks.

Awarded Badges
All awarded badges will now appear on the Discovery tab in the Activity Stream. Further details about the Badge can be viewed by opening
the Embedded Huddo Gadget.

Huddo News Gadget

From the Huddo News Gadget users can now Like and Comment on Huddo Activity Stream Entries.

Liking Huddo Entries

When a User Likes the item, a new entry describing the Liking of the Content, is created in the Activity Stream and the original entry is rolled up into the new entry. If the user chooses to Undo this Like, then this new Stream Entry is removed and the previous Entry takes its place again.

Commenting on Huddo Entries

When a User Comments on the item, a new entry describing the Comment on the Content, is created in the Activity Stream and any previous entries are rolled up into the new entry. If the user chooses to remove this Comment, then the new Stream Entry is removed and the previous Entry takes its place again. Users can also edit their own comments after posting to correct any mistakes quickly and easily.

Recent Updates

All activity performed on the Stream Entries can be viewed on the Recent Updates tab of the Huddo News Gadget. This includes the creation of the original entry as well as all comments and likes on the entry. This allows you to see who responded and when. To make things even simpler, all timestamps are updated in real time, so you are never misinformed!

Thanks Given

All Thanks given by users will now appear in the Discovery tab in the Activity Stream. Further details about the Thanks, including the personal message of recognition, can be seen by opening the Embedded Huddo News Gadget.

Thanks Email Notifications

Users receiving Thanks will also be notified by email. Details about the Thanks, including the personal message of recognition, are included in this email.