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Huddo Boards On-Premise in Microsoft Teams



  1. Office 365 Tenant admin account.

  2. Office 365 OAuth client. See instructions

  3. Notification bot (optional). See instructions

Note: notifications are optional as the bot cannot be configured for internal Huddo Boards deployments

Configure Application

Download from Boards

  1. Login to Huddo Boards with your Microsoft Tenant Admin account

  2. Click the Configuration icon and then Manage Org


  1. Click on your Organisation


  1. Click on your Microsoft client


  1. Click the download button for your configuration

  2. App with Notifications (if you can and have enabled the notification bot)

  3. App for Internal Boards Deployment (if you do not want notifications)


Install in Teams

  1. Open the Teams App

Click Apps -> Upload a custom app -> Upload for [COMPANY_NAME]

where [COMPANY_NAME] is the name of your company


  1. Upload the Zip file you downloaded above


  1. The Huddo Boards app will now appear under the section Built for [COMPANY_NAME]


Configure App ID

  1. Open Team Apps in your web browser

    Click on Built for [COMPANY_NAME] => Huddo Boards


  2. Click Add


  3. Huddo Boards personal will now open

    Copy the App ID from the URL. We will use this shortly.


  4. Open the Boards Helm Chart config used for deployment

    Add the following environment variable to provider (uncomment or add the section as required):

        MSGRAPH_TEAMS_APP_ID: "<your_app_id>"
  5. Redeploy Boards helm chart as per command for Huddo Boards:

    HCL Component Pack

    helm upgrade huddo-boards-cp -i -f ./boards-cp.yaml --namespace connections

    for Docker - Kubernetes

    helm upgrade huddo-boards -i -f ./boards.yaml --namespace boards

    Note: --recreate-pods is not required this time as this is only an env variable change

How To Use

For a full guide on using Huddo Boards in Microsoft Teams, please see our documentation.

Last update: 2023-08-15