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Huddo Boards On-Premise in Microsoft Teams

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Contact Us

Send an email to with the following details:

Hi! I'd like to set up the Huddo Boards Microsoft Teams app for my company, [COMPANY NAME]. Here are the details:

  • (optional) Attach the .zip or manifest.json file of any previous Huddo Boards teams app you have used or been provided before.
  • [ ] The Application ID of the Huddo Boards application you have already registered in Microsoft Entra. See Authenticating Huddo Boards with Microsoft 365
  • [ ] APP_URI value from your helm chart values.
  • [ ] API_GATEWAY value from your helm chart values.

We will generate your customized Huddo Boards Teams app and provide you up-to-date guidance on how to deploy it in your environment.

Updates to the Huddo Boards Teams app may need to be re-deployed via another customised Teams app package. We have automation in place for generating updates for your Teams app, however a manual step will be required by you to deploy the update.

Once you have your customised Teams app and advice from the Huddo team:

  1. Open the Boards Helm Chart config used for deployment

    Add the following environment variable to provider (uncomment or add the section as required):

            MSGRAPH_TEAMS_MANIFEST_ID: "<id attribute from your teams app manifest.json>"
  2. Redeploy Boards helm chart as per command for Huddo Boards:

    HCL Component Pack

    helm upgrade huddo-boards-cp -i -f ./boards-cp.yaml --namespace connections

    for Docker - Kubernetes

    helm upgrade huddo-boards -i -f ./boards.yaml --namespace boards

    Note: --recreate-pods is not required this time as this is only an env variable change

How To Use

For a full guide on using Huddo Boards in Microsoft Teams, please see our documentation.