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Using latest releases directly from Huddo

You can get the latest versions of Huddo Boards Docker by subscribing to our own repository in as follows:

  1. Create a - Red Hat account if you do not already have one.

  2. Email requesting access to Huddo Boards Docker repository, include your account name in the email. We will reply when this is configured on our end.

  3. Get secret to use in Kubernetes

    1. Open, In the user menu, click on 'Account Settings'

      User Menu

    2. Click Generate Encrypted Password

      User Menu

    3. Enter your password and click Verify

      User Menu

    4. Download the secret.yml file. Take note of the name of the secret for later use

      User Menu

  4. Use the file downloaded to create the secret (in the required namespace). For example:

    # for CP installs
    kubectl create -f username-secret.yml --namespace=connections
    # for other Kubernetes installs
    kubectl create -f username-secret.yml --namespace=boards