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HCL Connections Widget Setup

Basic instructions for adding Huddo Boards Hybrid widgets into HCL Connections on-premise environments

Community Widget

  1. Check out the widgets-config.xml file.

    ProfilesConfigService.checkOutWidgetConfig("/LCCheckedOut", AdminControl.getCell())
  2. Edit the widgets-config.xml file.

    Find the resource element with the type of community, e.g. <resource ... type="community" ... >, then under <widgets>, then within <definitions> add the following:

    <!-- Huddo Boards -->
    <widgetDef defId="HuddoBoards" modes="view fullpage" url="{webresourcesSvcRef}/web/" themes="wpthemeNarrow wpthemeWide wpthemeBanner" uniqueInstance="true">
            <item name="resourceId" value="{resourceId}"/>
            <item name="width" value="100%"/>
            <item name="height" value="500px"/>
            <item name="url" value=""/>
    <!-- END Huddo Boards -->
  3. Check in the widgets-config.xml file.

  4. Restart the Communities application via the ISC

Activity Stream widget

  1. Open Homepage => Administration

    Click Add another app


  2. Select the following:

    • OpenSocial Gadget
    • Trusted and Use SSO
    • Show for Activity Stream events
    • All servers

    Click the Add Mapping button.


  3. Enter values:

    • OAuth Client: conn-ee
    • Service name: connections_service

    Click Ok

  4. Enter the following:

    Field Value
    App Title Huddo Boards Stream
    URL Address
    Icon URL
  5. Scroll down and click Save

  6. Select the newly defined app and click Enable


ICEC (Community Highlights)


  1. Download the Boards Hybrid widget definition file

  2. Open the ICEC (XCC) main admin page


  3. Click Customize, Settings, expand Customization Files & click Upload File


    Note: you must have the admin role for the Customize button to appear

  4. Select the custom.js downloaded previously

    Note: the file must have this name. If you already have a custom.js file you must manually merge the contents of the init function

  5. To validate:

    1. Open the Highlights application in a Community
    2. Click Customize & then Create Widget


    3. Select Huddo Boards from the menu and enter the ID: CommunityBoards


    4. Click Create. The Boards app should now appear