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Use a Template


Select a Template

You can access a library of global templates already available from Huddo Boards to use as inspiration for your own work.

When you start a New Board, click Explore the Template Library.

This will open a new window with available templates.

Feel free to click in to different templates to see what they contain.

When you’ve found the template you’re looking for, return to your original New Board screen and start typing in the template name. It will appear and you can select it.

You still have the option to select the Starting View, from Kanban, MindMap, Timeline or Activty.

Click Next to give your board a name and then Save and you’ll be taken to your new Board.

Template Scheduling

When creating a Board from a template that contains dates (due, start or end dates), you have the option move all of the dates so that the first or last date is on a particular day. For example, if you have a template for preparing for a business trip, you can reschedule your template so that all of your tasks are due before your date of departure.

On the My Boards page, click the + Create button. The New Board window will open. Search templates by name and select your template that contains dates.

Click Next.

You'll see an option to choose a Starts on or Finishes on date. Select the one that makes sense for your template. (This won't appear if there are no dates in your template.) Use the date picker to choose which day you'd like your dates to start or finish.

Click Save. Your new Board will be created.

  • If the dates in your template included Start and End dates on tasks, you can see these rescheduled items in the Timeline view.
  • If your tasks included Due dates, you can see these rescheduled items in the Board -> Todos by Date view.

Assign to Roles

Instead of people assigned to tasks, templates can have roles assigned to tasks. When creating a board from this template, you can assign the members of this new board to these roles and they will be responsible for completing the tasks the role had been assigned. For how to create templates like this, see Create a Template with Assignment Roles.

After you've selected a template and chosen some members to add to your board, you'll see the Assign Roles step if your template includes Assignment Roles assigned to tasks.

Drag and drop members on to the roles to assign them to the role. You can assign multiple members to a role and a member to multiple roles.

Once you've created the board, you will see members assigned to the tasks that had roles assigned.

"Members assigned to tasks"