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How to Access Reports

This section covers the fundamental how-tos for accessing reports within Huddo Analytics

View Reports

In order to view a report, you will need to add the Analytics widget applicable to your access level, select a report category and select a report.

Add an Analytics Widget

This step will add the Huddo Analytics widget to the main view. The widget may be added in one of two ways based on your access level.

User Level

Open Homepage -> My Page -> Customize

Select Huddo User Analytics and Click X

Community Level

Open Community -> Community Actions -> Customize

Select Huddo Analytics then Click X

Administration Level

Open Huddo Analytics Community -> Community Actions -> Customize

Select Huddo Analytics then Click X

Select a Report Category

The Huddo Analytics Widget should now be visible in the main view displaying an icon for each category of reports available. Please note that the categories visible to you may vary based on your access level. You may select a category by clicking on the icon to bring up the report selection menu.

Select a Report

A report menu containing reports relating to that category will now be visible below the icons. Select a report from the menu to preview it.

Customise Reports

All reports offer a range of options and filters to allow viewers to customise and personalise the report.

All reports have Query Parameters that define the context and scope of the underlying query for the report.

Table reports also have column filters (for filtering by value) and the ability to enable/disable columns (right click on column headers).

Saving Reports

Once you are satisfied with your report selection you can Save it. Click Save.

Personalise the report by specifying a custom title and description and click OK.

On save, the widget will switch to view-mode, hiding the query parameters. This report will now be loaded as per the saved configuration any time the page is opened.

Managing Reports

Reports can be managed at any stage during their lifecycle. The button in the top right hand corner provides access to the following functions:


Reloads the widget. The report interface can be refreshed at any stage. Please be aware that most Connections environment data is refreshed on a schedule and will not be affected by this button.


Reopens the report in edit-mode for customising. Any changes to the report parameters that are made to the report and saved will overwrite the existing report. Please ensure you add a new widget if you wish to keep the existing report.

Move Up/Down

Reports can be positioned in any order. They can also be dragged and dropped. This is based on the Connections widget layout.


If you no longer require the current report you can remove it. Note: this cannot be undone.