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Troubleshoot MongoDB

Connect to Mongo

You may need to connect to Mongo for validation or other changes. To connect to Kubernetes Mongo:

  • In Component Pack

    kubectl exec -it mongo-0 -c mongo -n connections -- mongo --ssl --sslPEMKeyFile /etc/mongodb/x509/user_admin.pem --sslCAFile /etc/mongodb/x509/mongo-CA-cert.crt --host mongo-0.mongo.connections.svc.cluster.local --authenticationMechanism=MONGODB-X509 --authenticationDatabase '$external' -u C=IE,ST=Ireland,L=Dublin,O=IBM,OU=Connections-Middleware-Clients,CN=admin,emailAddress=admin@mongodb
    # CP Mongo5
    kubectl exec -it mongo5-0 -c mongo5 -n connections -- mongosh --tls --tlsCertificateKeyFile /etc/ca/user_admin.pem --tlsCAFile /etc/ca/internal-ca-chain.cert.pem --host mongo5-0.mongo5.connections.svc.cluster.local --authenticationMechanism=MONGODB-X509 --authenticationDatabase '$external' -u C=IE,ST=Ireland,L=Dublin,O=IBM,OU=Connections-Middleware-Clients,CN=admin,emailAddress=admin@mongodb
  • Standalone deployment

    1. get the name of the mongo pod

      kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
      NAMESPACE     NAME                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
      boards        mongo-67696548c-xpdqh                    1/1     Running   0          35s
    2. exec into the pod using the mongosh (or mongo) command - replacing pod name and namespace

      kubectl exec -it mongo-67696548c-xpdqh -n boards -- mongosh --host mongo-service:27017

Access Boards Data

  1. check the database names

    show dbs
  2. open the db containing board nodes (select as appropriate)

    # CP
    use boards-app
    # Standalone
    use kudos-boards-service
  3. find all boards

    db.nodes.find({ type: 'board' })
  4. find a board from a particular activitity

    db.nodes.find({ providerID: 'activities-id-goes-here' })
  5. find the members for a particular board

    db.boardmembers.find({ board: ObjectId("_id-of-board-found-above") })

Replace Member of a Board

  1. open the db containing users (select as appropriate)

    # CP
    use boards-user
    # Standalone
    use kudos-user-service
  2. find the users in question, e.g Andrew & Nicky

    db.users.find({ name: "Andrew Welch" })
    { "_id" : ObjectId("617891eae72f26802c4bec5e"), "email" : "", ....
    db.users.find({ name: "Nicky Tope" })
    { "_id" : ObjectId("617891ed660876da990253b7"), "email": "", .....
  3. switch to the boards app

  4. find the members for a particular board (substitute the ID)

    db.boardmembers.find({ board: ObjectId("<BOARD_ID>") })
  5. replace user A with user B, e.g. Andrew with Nicky

    db.boardmembers.updateOne({ board: ObjectId("<BOARD_ID>"), 'entity.kind': 'User', '': '617891eae72f26802c4bec5e' }, { $set: { '': '617891ed660876da990253b7' }})