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Synchronise User Profiles

This process ensures that all users in your Connections/Microsoft accounts exist in the Boards database.

Note: this is only necessary if you are linking user accounts in bulk


You can now synchronise all user profiles from Connections by opening the Admin => Org => Connections client page (e.g. /admin/5eeff4a3b7adaab62352362f/client/5fd6974dd7c5ede08711432d) This service utilises the Connections Profiles Admin API which is only basic auth, so you need to add credentials for a user (eg wasadmin) who has the Admin role on the Profiles application.

Connections profile sync


Similarly, on the Microsoft client page there is another UI control for synchronising users; this uses the current user OAuth session (assuming Advanced Features have been approved)

Microsoft profile sync


Both of these controls allow you to run a 'test' which reports back how many new users it found, before running the process for real.