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Use Huddo Boards Related Task Microapp

Related Tasks

To display this use the following pattern to load and use the microapp


where - <boardsURL> is the URL of your Huddo Boards installation ( for Boards Cloud) - <boardsCardTitle> is the default title for the task when created which users can change, fully escaped - <boardsPrimaryLink> is the URL of the page you want to show tasks related to, fully escaped


There is also a message sent with the current number of related tasks if you wish to display this.

The event data is in the format huddo-task-count=0

Example for JavaScript:

window.addEventListener("message", (event) => {

    if(event.origin !== <boardsURL>)

    let eventData =;

    if(typeof eventData === "string" && eventData.includes("huddo-task-count"))
        boardsNumTasks ='=')[1];