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Myboards Dashboard - Homepage

The picture below shows the Myboards Dashboard. This is your start / home page with colourful tiles. Each tile is one Board with a name, when it was last accessed, progress on tasks and more.

Home Page

On this start page you can:

  • Create a new Board by clicking on the Plus sign and Create

  • Open an existing Board by clicking on one of the tiles

  • Search for a Board by entering the search word in the Search Boards field at the top

  • Filter Boards by My, Public and Archive

  • Sort Boards by Recent and Last accessed

  • Colours These are colour tags you can drag and drop onto the tiles. Click on the menu to edit the tags.

  • Add tags to the Boards for easy sorting and filtering in the same way as with colours above.

  • See all your collected tasks from all your Boards by clicking on Todos

  • Find the template library by clicking on Templates